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“Rhythm provides more than a heartbeat for Jason Lindner. It also seems to fuel his respiratory functions and digestive activity, and maybe his neurons. What matters to him is groove, however it comes.” — The New York Times

Brooklyn-native and winner of two Grammy Awards in 2017, Jason Lindner spent the late nights of his early teen years in jazz clubs, where he was taken-in by the old jazz masters in New York City: Frank Hewitt, Jimmy Lovelace, Gilly Goggins, “all the old cats you never heard of because of hard times and hard luck,” adds Jason. In his extensive career this young New York pioneer was musical director of Lauryn Hill and Meshel Ndegeocello. In addition to Now vs Now, Lindner leads the 11-piece art ensemble Breeding Ground and performs with Mark Guiliana’s Beat Music, Dafnis Prieto’s Proverb Trio featuring Kokayi, Donny McCaslin’s electric band and Anat Cohen’s jazz quartet. In 2015 and 2016 Jason became a keyboardist and a pivotal music part of David Bowie’s music in the album Blackstar, with which Lindner won two Grammy’s in 2017.

Now vs Now was formed back in 2006 featuring Panagiotis Andreou on bass and Mark Guiliana on drums (Justin Tyson changed Mark Guiliana several years ago). If music is about ideas expressed via the right notes in the best possible configuration using the best sounds, this is what Now Vs Now delivers. The ideas are focused on the future: the future of humanity, society, the planet. Genres become grist for Now Vs Now’s musical mill, stylistic compass points to orient the listener.

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